Engaging topics and enthusiastic presenters are gearing up to share their skills, talents and hobbies with fellow Mooners. We are excited to present a great batch of workshops this year!


Michelle Leclair

Kombucha! DIY at Home

Come learn to brew kombucha with Michelle from Wolseley Kombucha. A fun and informative workshop learning all things booch! You will leave with a basic understanding on how to brew a 1 gallon batch at home.



Teyana Neufeld

Card Weaving: The Ultimate Friendship Bracelet

Working in pairs, our bodies create the looms while the cards do all the hard work. We will learn how to make our own cards, how to thread them, and how to weave a bracelet. The basics you learn in this session are easy to adapt to larger projects in the future.


Travis Macloud, Sara Yagelniski, Colin McInnes

Agricultural collaboration and rural living: A Panel Discussion

We will explore ways to encourage rural land-based careers and lifestyles by having and interactive discussion on models of partnership along with how to make the transition from urban to rural living. This will be a panel discussions focusing on transition, starting a project with a significant other, collaboration with other producers and farmers in your same region.


Laura Reeves

Acorns: Ancient Food and Medicine

For 1000s of years, acorns were a staple food for people living on this continent. I’ll show you how to harvest and prepare this “forgotten” food so you can enjoy its unique flavour and nutritional benefits all year round. I’ll also explain how to prepare a very effective medicine from these abundant nuts. Bring a plate, fork and mug!



Karen Potter


A workshop/Demonstration of the art of macrame. In this workshop you will learn how to tie the most common knots used in macrame. Participants will have the opportunity to then create a simple plant hanger using either sisal twine or a variety of repurposed string, yarn and twine. All supplies will be included for the first 20 participants in the workshop. The demonstration is open for anyone to observe.



National Farmer’s Union & Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

Funding Farm to Fork

A conversation for young and small farmers on the Alternative Provincial Budget. This workshop, hosted by the NFU, is part of a series of public conversations for the Centre for Policy Alternatives' Alternative Provincial Budget 2020. This workshop is aimed at small farmers and young farmers, or people who work with them or have knowledge of those areas. The body of the workshop will be a discussion where participants will be invited to share, in smaller groups or one large group, their experiences with the policy, services, and programs the province provides to young and small farmers.



Jackie Avent, Pamela Cavers, Chris Cross, Katie McInnes, Clint Cavers

Death Cafe

Join us for a conversation round-table discussion on Community Deathcare in Manitoba.. Bring your questions into this safe space to talk about death and dying. Cake and conversation to follow.



Kent Davies

Harvest Moon Society Oral History

Since 2012 Kent Davies of the University of Winnipeg’s Oral History Centre has been recording stories about the Harvest Moon society and Clearwater from mooners, farmers, educators, and residents. In this presentation Davies will provide an overview of the project, the website (, play excerpts from the podcast series (a Harvest Moon History) and show a digital story on the history of Clearwater Women's Institute.



Silas Chipelski

Knot Fun (at all)

Learn how to safely hang hammocks, move mattresses, keep shoes on, fix tarps with torn out grommets and more using only rope!


Cora Weins

Sourdough for Starters

Learn the basics of sourdough bread baking at home.